If life is in danger call Triple Zero 000
If life is in danger call Triple Zero 000

Everyday Counsellor workshop/日常咨询师工作坊

Our Everyday Counsellor Workshop is for Mandarin speakers who would like to be able to safely and effectively support friends, family, colleagues and strangers who are experiencing a crisis due to stress, mental health issues, domestic violence or other personal issues. 普通话日常咨询师培训的对象是讲普通话的人群,如果他们的朋友、家人、同事或身边的陌生人如果因为压力、精神健康问题、家庭暴力以及其他个人问题而身处危机之中,他们能够安全并有效地提供支持。

Feel empowered to engage with someone who is in distress or struggling to cope 
and learn skills you can use in all areas of your life. 

感觉自己有能力与处于困境或难以应对的人打交道 并学习可用于生活各个领域的技能。

Our training 

The Everyday Counsellor workshop provides basic skills and a structure to enable you to provide immediate support and assistance using the Recognise, Respond, Refer model. 

The skills learned in the course, such as active listening, asking open-ended questions and reflecting feelings, can be applied in many contexts, both personally and professionally. You will also learn how to ask openly about suicide and respond safely whatever the answer. 

Our most in-demand training, the course is open to everyone, and no pre-existing skills or knowledge are required. We can also tailor the course to suit your organisation. 

The cost of the course is $252 per person (+registration fees). (Note: reduced rates may be offered to individuals experiencing financial hardship; please contact us directly.)

Learn to respond appropriately in a crisis with Everyday Counsellor workshop. 


日常咨询师工作坊提供基本技能和结构,使您能够使用 "识别、回应、转介 "模式提供即时的支持和帮助。







The facilitators are bilingual professionals who have experience in both counselling and knowledge of the Chinese community. The training is delivered in Mandarin. Weekday and weekend sessions are available.


Our Trainers

Melody Qu is a multilingual educator in English and Mandarin, with an extensive academic background in counselling, psychology and positive psychotherapy both in China and Australia.

As a certified Positive Psychotherapist, her contributions to the field include leadership positions, clinical practice, and authorship of five books on positive psychotherapy and parenting. Her pioneering work is dedicated to enhancing the wellbeing of the Chinese community in Australia by bridging cultural gaps in mental health support with innovative approaches and education.






2024 dates


Sunday 26 May


4 Park Avenue Gordon NSW 2072 


Friday 28 June


Online via Zoom


Sunday 30 June


4 Park Avenue Gordon NSW 2072 


Thursday 25 July


Online via Zoom


Sunday 28 July


4 Park Avenue Gordon NSW 2072 


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"The Everyday Counsellor workshop was insightful and powerful. I felt empowered and encouraged, and now have skills I can use in both my work and personal life."

"日常咨询师课程具有深刻的见解和强大的力量。我感觉自己被赋予了力量,受到了鼓舞、 现在我已经掌握了在工作和个人生活中都能使用的技能。"

"Invaluable and essential. The Everyday Counsellor workshop equipped me with vital skills to provide immediate support in crisis situations."


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